Doing makeup for women speakers is such a passion of mine. It’s an incredible thing to be able to provide a peaceful atmosphere for such influential women who are about to change the lives of so many women. Could you imagine preparing to go on stage to impact hundreds, thousands, millions of women?? I feel we all are in some way presenters because we are impacting women every single day. Our platforms may not be a stage like the speakers we see on tv or pay to go see but God has given you your own unique platform to change the lives for the better of those you meet-do it. I have always admired Christine Caine, she is a revolutionary woman who has forever changed the world. I could go on and on about her and all the things she has written and does but the one consistent piece is everything is done to give to glory to God. You have to go check out everything she is doing to change the world!!!


Can I tell you how cool God is?! Not just cause He answers prayers but because He makes you question what are my motives for praying for this? Is my request bringing glory to Him or is this a kinda sorta selfish request? Which if it is don’t think you’re praying wrong. He is so good and will open your eyes and heart to see how He wants you to see the situation. This may sound silly but when I heard Christine Caine was going to be speaking at my church I wrote it down and began praying I could do her makeup. Several days in a row I was just praying my little heart out for that request and this one specific day I was just like “Father, speak to me……”, quite frankly I was kinda demanding (haha imagine, me sounding demanding?!) and then I softly asked “pleeease”

 I kinda felt like a tons of bricks landed on me, not that what happened next hurt like literally bricks landing on ya, but that the next thing was so direct and could not have went unnoticed. God spoke to me by asking, “Why do you want to do Christine’s makeup?”

hmmmmm…. What an interesting question for Him to ask, why couldn’t He just said ok, you’ve prayed hard enough, so yes, yes you can do the makeup for this woman of God. Well, that’s not how He worked that day. He made me dive deeper into my motive and why I wanted to do something. He made me realize how much do I know about how she is changing the world. Was my makeup job prayer request to put me on a pedal stool or was it to serve her and provide her with peace before she knocked us out of the ballpark with her powerful sermon? That day I wrote down lots of things I found out about A21 campaign (which she started in 2008), about Propel Women, and about her. There were countless reasons to continue to want to do her makeup and I continued to pray about it. There are so many details in the middle that I could go into but it can all be summed up as God is all in the middle of the situation, not just the beginning and end. I was asked to do Christine’s makeup the night before she was scheduled to preach. Just learning to search my soul for my motive was the answer to my prayer, doing her makeup was a blessing.

My sermon notes are included in the next post =)

Enjoy some truth!

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