Jessie and David

Jessie looked so stunning on her wedding day! No detail was left unnoticed, especially with that wedding dress. Her hair, the dress, and makeup were perfect. She was such a dream to work with. #ilovemyjob Read More

Just Call Me Scrooge McDuck

Sorry for the old and silly reference but by now I feel like I should be swimming in a big ol' money bin like Mr. McDuck.  How does the old saying go...."A penny for your thoughts?" well, let's just say if that were true I'd be a millionaire by the end of this story because my little lady brain never shuts off. I over think,

Lauren and Peter

When starting this website I immediately knew the first of many bridal makeups to show off, not just because the bride and bridal party were gorgeous but because of the peaceful atmosphere that surrounded the entire day. The best way to truly sum up this special wedding day is to say that God's hands were on E V E R Y T H I N G.  When you think ab...