These notes were taken from the crazy amazing boundary breaking sermon Christine Caine gave at Shoreline City in January. I think if she had a fragrance name after her it would be called Holy Spirit….seriously. She preached the house down.

THERE is still breath in your lungs

IF there is still breath in your lungs you must FIGHT for what GOD has for you!


Deuteronomy 6:20-23

…the Lord brought us out of Egypt

He did miraculous signs and wonders before our eyes…

He brought us out of Egypt so he could give us this land he had sworn to give our ancestors.

The same God who brought you HERE will take you THERE.


How many of us get STUCK in places WE WERE ONLY suppose to PASS through!!??

Wow WOW woW wOw

We are HERE so He can take us THERE. He brought you OUT to take you IN.


You came out of EGYPT (“EGYPT”) but Egypt has to get out of you for where you are NOW and where you will GO

JOSHUA 5:1-9

Wandering = to move aimlessly; without purpose

You are wandering until you get rid of what you don’t need for the “THERE” God is taking you in to.


You can’t get there from someone else’s sacrifice. Your breakthrough can come from what you are giving or giving up.

When you are uncertain ALWAYS look at the facts!!!! The fact is GOD is GOOD. Look at all His truths not your situation.

JOSHUA chapt. 6


Keep taking a lap, take a lap, one more lap around the wall. Sometimes what sounds the silliest is what’s being used to strengthen your faith not to provide the solution. What are you learning during the process for the NEW season?


YOU HAVE to look beyond the wall. God has something beyond the wall. Take the step, the battle is won already, HE just needs you to have FAITH to see beyond the battle beyond the wall.


Don’t SETTLE for just ENOUGH when GOD is MORE than enough!!


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