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Bridal FAQ

Yes, both my team and I travel. There is a travel fee for any miles traveled beyond our DFW service area. Our service area consist of a 20 mile radius from Greenville Ave. Dallas, Tx. 75206

Bridal hair or Bridal makeup trials are a separate fee. The fee is separate because it is your option after the trials to continue with the booking process. We allocate a 2 hour time frame for the hair and makeup trial process. That time and you are very valuable to us.

We provide lashes for you for both trial run and wedding day service

45 minutes is allocated for each bridesmaid. They are welcome to choose a look prior to the day of or the bride can select a similar style for all the bridesmaids, which is recommended to maintain beautiful consistency in photos.

Bridal Continued

Yes, we have a team of both makeup artist and hair stylists

Yes, if requested. Airbrushing does have an additional charge of $55

If you or your bridesmaids are having their hair styled by The Makeup Story, hair needs to be clean and completely dried prior to stylists arriving. This is prefered because typically  there is a time frame that is planned to accommodate a certain number of clients during the day. Extra charges occur when stylist has to blow dry hair.

Makeup (personal and event makeup)

There are so many great products in the industry by so many brands. We try to stay current and keep all the best products for any and all occasions.

I love makeup so much. I love so many different products and brands. Working for MAC for over 13 years has definitely contributed to why I use so much MAC, but I enjoy lots of brands.

Makeup is makeup and is designed and worn for a special occasion. Longwearing product is used during the application increasing the wear time. A guaranteed time frame cannot be provided however clients love letting us know personally and in our reviews that “I loved my makeup, it lasted alllll day”

Booking ahead of time ensures you get the date and time you need. There isn’t a specific amount in advance required, however there is a cancellation fee when cancelling with less that a 72 hour notice (non bridal clients)


I teach one on one makeup lessons or group classes.

Yes and they are a lot of fun. I’ve also taught lessons for teenage birthday parties or women get togethers.

I have taught classes at offices, conference rooms, houses, etc. Where ever works best for the client.

For group classes, no more than 10, unless there is more than one artist to assist.

One on one lessons are either 90 minutes or 3 hours

Group lessons are 90 minutes