No pun intended, actually, YESssss, I completely intended the “expecting” “expectant” comparison. If you know me, you know how silly I am.

But really, what’s wrong with being expectant? Being expectant of good things to happen, expectant of all the right pieces to fall into place. What about being expectant for God to use you to answer someone else’s prayer? Yea, let’s go there.

This photo and this story go hand in hand because the client pictured was on the giving end of a prayer I was praying. She had no idea how God was going to use her to fulfill my need.

Not long after leaving my job to give 100% (Fiiiinallly) into my freelance makeup business I hit a wall…it was a moment where I found myself crying on my knees in prayer, praying for a job to come. I had enough clients to keep me going but it was just one of those days where I got really nervous about consistent work. A lot of you know this feeling too. I can guarantee it won’t be the last time but therein lies the need for complete faith, not in the things of this world, but of Him. Keeping your eyes fixed on what God wants to send your way.

Several days went by, days full of prayer and thank yous for this current season in my life. Even days of WTH am I doing?!?! Out of the blue I get a text from an awesome gal I know from church, letting me know that she gave my info out to a guy looking for a makeup artist. Haha We both laughed via text after her next text, “I swear he’s legit”.

God has trained my eye to recognize little details because He is in all of them. To keep this story from being a novel let me just say, He. Is. Faithful. I reached out and he was looking for hair and makeup for his beautiful wife for their maternity shoot. This couple blessed me so much, not just monetarily but by enriching my life!!! Their playful love for each other was so fun and their laughs were contagious. I pray for countless blessings over them. I did nothing to get that referral, but God was working. He whispered in someone’s ear to share my info and she did just that. I pray you learn to recognize and give Him the glory when doors are opened.

I don’t for one second believe that anyone out there wouldn’t want to be used by God to be the answer to someone else’s prayer. So be expectant to feel the nudge or hear that little voice because SOMEONE IS WAITING on your yes.



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