Hiiiii!!! If you have ever had a conversation with me or know a little bit about me, you already know that “Hiiiiii!” was by no ordinary greeting. It was one filled with so much excitement and expectancy of getting to know you more…not to mention a “Hi! with a pretty impressive and thick Kentucky accent. Annnnd I know you’re not here to learn about my Kentucky accent so let me give you the quick “ABOUT ME”, about me. I’ve been doing makeup for over 12 years and ab-so-lute-ly love it (insert heart emoji here). When I started doing makeup it was more about me. I got to wear my makeup how I wanted, I could have pink hair,  purple, and even a blue mohawk at point, come to think of it….if you ever find photos of that, you have my permission to burn them. Getting older in a world that some consider vain has been quite interesting. Every day can be more different than the day before but equally if not more purposeful. There are moments daily which I am blessed to meet amazing superhero women (some of which are my best friends now) and they are not wearing showy capes. I’ve loved makeup since my mom would match my shadow to my baby blue or purple sweat pants. Yes, seriously. I was like 10 years old!! At 33 years young, I may not wear sweatshirts with matching monochromatic sweatpants anymore but I’m guilty as can be with matching my makeup to my outfit. Oh, yea, and I will also wear glitter till I’m dead and gone. Glitter has no age restrictions! I love bridal/wedding/engagement makeup, teaching everyday “how-to”, and doing makeup for women speakers…pretty much makeup that enhances who you are, while providing a super peaceful atmosphere. =)   My biggest joy with makeup comes from being able to use it and break down walls to find out who you are, then get to watch you celebrate everything about yourself. In an ever changing sometimes defeating world, where the makeup options are endless, the only option I consider while doing makeup is you gotta be you….with a little extra pizazz!




Yesterday I had no idea that I would walk into MAC and recieved one of the warmest and friendliest greetings I’ve ever gotten. You are such a beautiful soul that I have not stopped thinking of you or stopped talking to my husband about you and your church! This “About Me” section is so true to who you are! Not only are you stunning, your spirit is Strong and the Love of Christ shines through!! Thank you for being a testimony of God’s Faithfulness!


Kim! Thank you so much for such kind and beautiful words! It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Kayla is simply the best! We met her in July and knew instantly we wanted her to do my daughter’s make up for her Wedding in November. She took care of my daughter’s make up, and 4 of her bridesmaids makeup, one was decided at the last moment… and she made the time for her. Every one looked so beautiful, their make up wasn’t too heavy and they all looked stunning. My daughter, the bride, was glowing and could just see how happy, radiantly beautiful she was. She also took care of myself (mother of bride) I put my make up on in 5 minutes and I’m ready to go. I was a little nervous, but she made me feel very comfortable and took very good care of me.
Kayla has a gift at what she does, and absolutely loves taking care of her clients. I highly recommend The Makeup Story!

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