Sorry for the old and silly reference but by now I feel like I should be swimming in a big ol’ money bin like Mr. McDuck.  How does the old saying go….”A penny for your thoughts?” well, let’s just say if that were true I’d be a millionaire by the end of this story because my little lady brain never shuts off. I over think, over analyze, and am over it. LOL see what I did there? I’m also pretty dorky and 97% of the time annoyingly optimistic, the other 3% of time…well, I’ll tell you about that percent another time. Oh, and btw I’m not a writer or blogger and quite frankly I have been postponing this section of my site for almost a year because I struggle with perfectionism daily and who really wants to put something out there when it isn’t perfect? Also, everyone is a blogger now and I am self conscious about writing.  Anywho, with all that out of the way let me explain this section of TheMakeupStory before I lose ya. This “STORIES” section is a place for me to share thoughts and experiences mostly about all the makeup interactions that happen or how God seems to always orchestrate the right people into one another’s lives at just the right time and place. You also may read on here from time to time about some crazy epiphany that happened because of a book recommendation or possibly a “divine appointment” which resulted in the realization once again that God weaves a red thread through each of our lives, but I’m truly most excited to share about the incredible women I’ve encountered over the last 12 years in the makeup world. I apologize in advance….I’m the queen of the run-on…sentence that is, not panty hose (However, I did work at Hooters waaaaaay back in the day and goodness gracious I’ll never think about panty hose the same way) SERIOUSLY though, I never proclaimed to be a good writer but I am great at loving people and makeup. I’ve finally come to the realization that just like me, this website is a work in progress. Thank you for wanting to see what TheMakeupStory is about.

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